What is Sketchmob?

Established in 2008, Sketchmob meets at inspirational locations to draw. Thousands of individuals make the career move each year  from non –creative to creative industries, or  attend drawing classes after work or at weekends. Our free events are a way for people with an interest in drawing to get practice and socialise. Each meeting focuses on different subjects and qualities of location. At the end of the session we have a quick review of the work. Unless otherwise stated all meetings are free and available to anybody. Just register.

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How do I register?

Fill in the registration form and send it back to us. We will notify you of forthcoming free events. Registering also entitles you to discounts on any paid courses run by Drawing At Work. We do not pester, there are no hidden snags. We use the information from the register to help determine Sketchmob locations and subjects.

How do I Sketchmob?

Once you have registered we will send you notification of the next event.
Draw with us then scan and send us your drawings if you want to show what you drew.
Or you can upload photos if photography is your thing.


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