Sketchmob National Portrait Gallery 21 February 6:45-8:15pm

National Portrait Gallery St Martin’s Place, London WC2H 0HE
Friday 21 February from 6:45 to 8:15


Where do David Bowie, Winston Churchill, and Lawrence of Arabia rub shoulders with Kate Moss and Cate Blanchett?. Where can you see the alternative world history, recreated in images of the outstanding characters that made it? Opened in 1856 the National Portrait Gallery has a unique collection of photographic and painted / drawn portraits of historical and not so historical figures that make great subjects for drawing. The photographic galleries make you look at people you thought you knew all over again. Sculptures and death masks are also in abundance in sumptuous galleries that make compelling viewing. If you are the lone sketcher in your family, relationship, or group of friends this is the place to bring them while you draw.
Join us at 6:45 in the gallery’s main entrance. Trevor will give some quick tips on how to sketch heads. We will be drawing for an hour and a half, then we will have a short review of the sketches and  migrate to a local pub for an optional drink.